Two Square Meals: Life of Daily Wage Labourers

Two square meals- this is said to be the definition of the life of a daily wage labourer. But the Covid-19 lockdown just changed their definition of life from this 'two' to 'no' meal a day. Several of them fear that hunger would kill them rather than coronavirus as they are left with no means... Continue Reading →


"Life is short, and the world is wide." What better a way to explore the world but through stories and our imagination. It is our moral imperative to be dreamers, an obligation to imagine things that are different from the present. People have changed the world, crafted their future with their untamable verve.  Every culture... Continue Reading →

We see, hear, say, and believe what we are shown on the revered platforms of social media. While we would like to believe that social media has been the key to human connection and everything good, there is a greater fear that it has done the Devil's work itself. Here is Sumakesh's art piece, 'Social... Continue Reading →

Here is Sumakesh’s expression of himself, in the form of a beguiling digital portrait, titled ‘Mind’.He says, “As a person who has always been troubled by the smallest things, I’ve slowly begun to appreciate the complexity of our personalities. This appreciation and acknowledgment is really the first step towards actually accepting who you are. Everyone... Continue Reading →

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