Mental health during the lockdown amidst COVID-19

To save you, people, the trouble of searching the internet for data related to what are the implications of the coronavirus and the lockdown on mental health and what can be done to combat that, we at NSS IIT Delhi, have tried to pick useful data from the following links which you may enjoy reading… Continue Reading →

Pandemics: History and Future

Let’s jump right in with a little background on pandemics. According to the WHO, a pandemic involves the worldwide spread of a new disease. While an epidemic remains limited to one city, region, or country, a pandemic spreads beyond national borders and possibly worldwide.   A new virus strain or subtype that easily transmits between… Continue Reading →

The Great Plague of Athens

Mankind has had a long and arduous bout with pandemics over the past three millennia. Some of the most notable and severe pandemics include the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) (1347 – 1351), the Plague of Justinian (541 CE – 542 CE) and the Spanish Flu (1918 – 1920) [You can learn more about the history… Continue Reading →

Mental Health: Why, What and How?

The novel coronavirus pandemic led to nationwide lockdown which affected 1.3 billion lives across the nation. Due to this lockdown, consciousness towards strong immune system has increased. People are trying to boost their immunity by yoga, regular sleep cycles, healthy food and a lot more. It is commendable that people are becoming more health conscious… Continue Reading →


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