Yemen: World’s worst humanitarian crisis

Whenever we hear about the wars in middle east, we always think of Iraq or Syria but the most devastating of them all is the one being currently waged in Yemen. Learn more about the humanitarian crisis that has plagued Yemen for over a decade.

Indolence, thou art the sweetest

A lot of times, we like to fit it all in. A lot of times, backing off feels like missing out. Sometimes it’s better to block the background noise of the ‘what ifs’, ‘this-that’ s’, ‘shoulds’ and ‘wants’. Sometimes it’s better to live life in the slow lane. Sometimes appreciating human connections is better than always trying to keep up with the Joneses.
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Back in July 2020, we all saw a surge of black and white selfies being put up on various social media platforms by women all over the globe with the caption ‘#ChallengeAccepted’. This challenge was in fact an awareness campaign throwing light on the horrible conditions of women in Turkey, and the most pertinent issue being Femicide.
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