Indolence, thou art the sweetest

A lot of times, we like to fit it all in. A lot of times, backing off feels like missing out. Sometimes it’s better to block the background noise of the ‘what ifs’, ‘this-that’ s’, ‘shoulds’ and ‘wants’. Sometimes it’s better to live life in the slow lane. Sometimes appreciating human connections is better than always trying to keep up with the Joneses. Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes and 50 seconds

The New Era of Crimes: Some Dig Into Cyber Security

WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted but how encrypted is all of your other data on the web? Even if you are aware of where your data is, it still isn’t safe from getting misused without your permission. Learn more on how to secure yourself on the web by reading this article. Estimated reading time: 4:20 minutes


"Life is short, and the world is wide." What better a way to explore the world but through stories and our imagination. It is our moral imperative to be dreamers, an obligation to imagine things that are different from the present. People have changed the world, crafted their future with their untamable verve.  Every culture... Continue Reading →

We see, hear, say, and believe what we are shown on the revered platforms of social media. While we would like to believe that social media has been the key to human connection and everything good, there is a greater fear that it has done the Devil's work itself. Here is Sumakesh's art piece, 'Social... Continue Reading →

On the quest to find the lost Charkha

“I … claim for the Charkha the honour of being able to solve the problem of economic distress in a most natural, simple, inexpensive and business like manner….. It is the symbol of the nation's prosperity and, therefore, freedom. It is a symbol not of commercial war but of commercial peace.” There is no doubt... Continue Reading →

The Tale of a Messy Divorce- Brexit

It finally happened on January 31, 2020—the United Kingdom (UK) ended its 47 years old political and economic partnership with the European Union (EU). The major focus area for everyone since then has become the negotiations about the EU-UK relationship that would follow after the currently existing stand-still transition period that ends on December 31,... Continue Reading →

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