Team behind the Blog

We are a small team of people in NSS IIT Delhi who love to explore, read and create intriguing content. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Ashish Prasad

Secretary, NSS IIT Delhi

It is very hard to do describe myself when I don’t even know what I want. I’m waiting for something to happen to make sense when I know that I need to do something for my life to make sense.

Ananya Mohit

Executive, NSS IIT Delhi

I am a proud patron of Thums Up, my forever love. Often I am found shopping to escape this world’s sorrows. I also love to narrate stories, fill forms, make posters and presentations for some reason (just not when I have to) but would depend on you to proofread them because I am also very clumsy 😛

Kanishk Singhal

Executive, NSS IIT Delhi

An ambivert who can be found singing to himself (with or without the keys), with an insatiable wanderlust. Also, I love racquet sports. PS: I’ll probably judge your grammar 😉

Siddhant Sharma

Executive, NSS IIT Delhi

I am a very amicable guy, ready to meet many fun and interesting personalities as part of my NSS experience while helping as many people as I can! I am into video games, anime and multiple sports so feel free to hit me up to discuss about them or to teach me something new 😛

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