When I read Animal Farm in the seventh grade and Nineteen Eighty-Four in the eighth grade, I wondered if the present would ever catch up with Orwell’s future and beliefs about society. And now, I ponder upon if our world has indeed become the nightmare George Orwell once described. When his book “Nineteen Eighty-Four” was... Continue Reading →

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The Indian Education Ecosystem: A Review

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein The human brain has 2 hemispheres: left and right. The left hemisphere is concerned with logical reasoning, like mathematics and science. The right hemisphere is the home of creativity and is concerned with domains such as arts and music. Unfortunately, our education system does not recognise the... Continue Reading →

Animal Cruelty and Rights

"Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse, animal neglect or animal cruelty, is the infliction by omission (neglect) or by commission by humans of suffering or harm upon any non-human animal." India is surprisingly one of the nations which have stringent laws pertaining to animal cruelty. Primarily Section 428, Section 429, The Wildlife Protection Act... Continue Reading →

Getting close to our elders

In October, I took part in an activity of NSS called “Give Them Back”. I want to share with all of you the experiences that I felt while doing it. It was an amazing activity, and it helped me a lot to become positive in my life and create some of the most beautiful memories... Continue Reading →


“NSS IITD, the social service organization that works under the guidance of professors from our college, though completely student-driven; you must complete 100 hours for your degree.” Yes, that was my first introduction to NSS, as I heard from my fellow batchmates. Though I have many memories with NSS, I have been involved with the... Continue Reading →

Data across Borders: is your Right to Privacy maintained?

The article looks at the pressing issue of privacy violations that occur at international borders. Read on to learn more about the kinds of violations that occur, laws in place to safeguard us and precautions one must take themselves.

Major Stock Market Crashes

With the Corona Pandemic, the world came to a standstill. Many people have either lost their lives or their livelihood in this "pause". While the former may be due to the virus, the latter is a result of huge financial losses undergone by a large number of countries. This financial regression is what we name the Deep Global Recession of 2020, which also caused the Fastest Stock Market Crash in financial history. Read more to know about some of the Biggest Stock Market Crashes.


Did you know that there is a massive portion of the internet you cannot find by googling? Typical search engines can only scratch the surface of the internet. The entire web can be divided into three categories: the Surface Web, the Deep Web, the Dark Web. If we visualise the entire web as the iceberg,... Continue Reading →

Yemen: World’s worst humanitarian crisis

Whenever we hear about the wars in middle east, we always think of Iraq or Syria but the most devastating of them all is the one being currently waged in Yemen. Learn more about the humanitarian crisis that has plagued Yemen for over a decade.

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